Seasons Change

Fall is finally here! Some of the things I love most about this season are the cool crispness of the air, delicious warm drinks like apple cider and hot chocolate, and of course, the beautiful changing colors of the leaves.  As much as I love fall however, it’s hard for me to say it’s my favorite season.  In fact, if I’m honest, I don’t think I really have a favorite season.  I love something about them all!  What is my favorite, however, is the change in seasons.  I love the newness and hope that comes with each new time of year.  After winter, there’s something refreshing and life-giving about the onset of spring.  The coolness and brightness of spring then gives way to the relaxed warmth of the summer. And so on, and so forth.


I suppose the same is true of life. It’s a series of seasons and changes.  This past week, I put away Micah’s 12-month summer clothes and brought out his 18-month fall and winter clothes.  It was bittersweet.  As I began sorting through his old clothes, the nostalgic experience brought on a flood of memories about his growth over the past year.  I couldn’t believe how much he’s grown!  I actually found myself getting a little sad because “My baby’s growing up!”


When I told my husband, who always has something profound to say, how I was feeling, he reminded me that there’s something beautiful to enjoy in every season of life.  For Micah, this past year, that season entailed meeting milestones like eating solids, walking, and beginning to talk.  The next season will likely include potty training, discipline, and growing his vocabulary.  It’s our job, as his parents, to enjoy and cherish each moment of every season.

As far as life in general is concerned, our family is very much in a season of learning and growth.  Since making the decision to stay home, our financial stability has come into question daily (Read about how we’re making it work here).  Compounded with the fact that we’re first-time parents and pretty much always feel like we have no idea what we’re doing, life often seems to be uncertain.  And that’s okay.  In fact, it’s exactly how it should be; because right now, we’re learning to walk by faith, not by sight.


Last year’s life-season was bursting with the joy of a new baby, a new home, and a new job.  This year is full of opportunities to increase in wisdom and patience.  As for next year, we don’t know what it will bring, but we know for certain that we’ll be more than okay.


I suppose I’ll end with a line from a song that my husband (then-boyfriend) wrote and recorded for me on our one-year dating anniversary.  “Our lives will continuously change, but what we have will remain the same.  As long as God is our chain, our love remains the same.

Let the seasons pass.”


Do you have a favorite season (life or otherwise)?  I’d love to hear about it!

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