Cutting and Maintaining Curly Hair: Micah’s First Haircut

Micah’s big day was coming up!  He was turning one, and at a week before his birthday, I still had lots of DIY crafts and decorations to make.  In the midst of all the preparations however, I wanted to make sure he looked sharp for his party, so I discussed with my husband what our plan should be for his first haircut.  We had previously spoken about it, and we quickly discovered we were on entirely opposite ends of the spectrum.  DJ didn’t want him to have a haircut at all, while I wanted a cute fade with a shape-up and a part (lol) for his curly hair.  Once my husband realized I wasn’t budging on the fact that he needed a haircut, we decided to comprise.  We agreed he could have his hair cut in time for his first birthday, but it would be a basic trim with the intent of just evening up his hair.  This was primarily because DJ was apprehensive about him getting a line-up at such a young age, and also because he thought Micah would be afraid of the clippers (Although we later found out he didn’t find them scary but absolutely hilarious; he ended up giggling every time they came near his head).


It was seriously time for a haircut


So, I began my search for a barber.  I wanted one who was not only comfortable with babies, but also knew how to cut curly/textured hair.  The more I searched, the more elusive finding this perfect combination began to seem.  The best options I had were to have my husband take Micah to his barber, who was familiar with curly/textured hair but wasn’t great with kids, or take him to a kiddie barber that wasn’t familiar with his hair type.  Both options left me feeling a little nervous, so I did the most logical thing—I decided to do it myself (Can you sense the sarcasm here?)! I have absolutely no experience in cutting hair, and to be quite honest, I barely have experience in doing my own; but I’ve always wanted to learn to cut hair, so I figured now’s as good a time as any.


Curly-headed mama and son!


We bought a clipper set (We went with the Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper, 24 pc set), and I began watching YouTube tutorials on how to cut hair. I learned how to use clippers, how to cut a baby’s hair, and I even saw some cute videos of babies getting their first haircuts.   Unfortunately, there weren’t many videos on how to cut curly/textured baby hair, or curly hair in general.  So, I took the best I could find on cutting curly hair and combined it with what I learned on cutting a baby’s hair in order to strategize my approach for Micah. Here’s a link to the video on cutting curly hair and on cutting a baby’s hair.


In the curly haircut video, it was actually recommended that scissors, not clippers be used, if you are trying to maintain some length.  My goal was to keep his hair as long as possible, while ensuring it was even, so this seemed to be the best path to take.  I set Micah up in his highchair, asked hubby to keep him distracted, grabbed my scissors and got to work.  Micah was actually extremely calm throughout the entire process and hubby did an excellent job of keeping him happy yet still.  Near the end of the cut, DJ wanted to get in on the action, so he did a little bit of a line up on the nape of his neck, using the clippers (This was when the giggling began lol).

Here are some before and after photos.



Since he now had a new ‘do, I wanted to ensure that I was using the right products to hold his curls and keep them looking moisturized; of course, while guaranteeing the product was as natural and non-toxic as possible.  I ended up going with Tiny Twirls Shampoo and Conditioner from Kinky Curly because I liked how simple their ingredients were.  Also, I use Kinky Curly on my own hair, so it was a brand I was familiar with.  I absolutely love how soft these products made his hair!


In order to style it, I spritzed his hair with water, combed it out, and used a very small amount of Kinky Curly Curling Custard to hold the curl.  And since we’re on the topic of hair maintenance, I typically moisturize his hair every day with a whipped coconut oil and shea butter mix that I make (Incidentally, I also use this for his skin and as a diaper cream).  Here’s the finished product!



Do you have any hair care tips or stories about baby’s first haircut to share?  I’d love to hear about it!

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