Can Parents Have Separation Anxiety Too?

This weekend, hubby and I had the rare luxury of going out on a date.  Yay!! As parents of a one-year-old, who live hundreds of miles away from extended family, dates, doctor’s appointments, even grocery shopping all take a little bit of extra planning.  Thankfully, a close friend of ours, T, was in town and volunteered to babysit, so we could have some grown-up time.  How could we say no?


Well, it was much easier said than done.  Micah has been going through a separation anxiety phase, and it’s been difficult for me to get things done because he’s either attached to my hip or glued to my leg.  Needless to say, leaving him for our evening out was no small feat.



Micah, T, and I were all playing with Legos in his room while I waited for DJ to finish getting ready.  I figured he would have an easier time with me leaving if he was able to get accustomed to my friend with me in the room.  Well, I was wrong.  We were in the room together for almost half an hour, and still, when it was time for DJ and I to leave, he balled and cried bloody murder. We stood outside the door until he stopped before leaving for our date.


I knew he would be fine, but hey, I’m a mom and I couldn’t help but feel a little upset about the whole thing.  Part of me wanted to cancel the date altogether and just stay in.  I think I might have had more anxiety than Micah did.  On our way to the model home (one of our favorite things to do is tour model homes and get design ideas—we’re such old people lol), it took me about 15 minutes to pull myself out of the funk and get into date mode.  Meanwhile, DJ seemed to be pretty calm about the whole thing.


Well, over dinner, I found out just the opposite.  While waiting for our food, hubby said, “Let’s text T and ask for a picture of Micah.  I miss him.”  I was shocked! I had no idea he was missing Micah.  He seemed so calm during the entire “leaving-the-house debacle” that I didn’t suspect a thing.  When I shared this with him, he said “Of course it was hard for me, and of course I miss him.  He’s my boy.  In that moment though, I was thinking about what’s best for Micah.  It’s important for him to have time with T, and it’s important that he’s able to spend time with people who love him.”  (Read about his special bond with Micah here).  By the end of his speech, he was emotional and teary-eyed, which of course led me to be emotional and teary-eyed (Someone must’ve been cutting onions nearby).


Our little sidekick


Thankfully, we finished dinner and got home just in time to see Micah before he went to bed.  Of course, it turned out that he was fine the entire time and had a blast with his new friend!  I think we were the ones who truly had separation anxiety.  Through this entire experience though, my husband not only gave me one more reason to love him, but also taught me that it’ll be okay.  It’s a phase for Micah and both of us.


That being said, we’re going on vacation without him in a few weeks, so pray for us!



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