Moving Day

For those who have been following along, you may remember my blog post “Our Weekend Trip to North Carolina,” where I spoke about our love for North Carolina and desire to move there, but knowing that at that moment, it wasn’t the right time.  I can’t explain how or why we got to the point where we became interested in this state, but for some reason, early on in our marriage, I began telling DJ that it seemed like a nice place to check out.  He surprised me with a trip there for our one-year wedding anniversary, and the rest as they say was history.


Sometime after I wrote the above-mentioned blog post, I began to feel impressed that although now wasn’t the time to move, when it was the right time, it would happen very quickly.  I shared that with my husband, and we made it a point to consistently pray about what our next steps should be.  And as life goes, we went about the day-to-day, while the weeks and months passed by.  Then, in February— “Surprise!”—our water heater broke.  Water leaked all over the surrounding floors, and since the existing floor was no longer being manufactured, the contractor determined it would be best to replace all the floors in the house.  Obviously, staying there with a one-year-old while they did the renovation wasn’t an option, so our insurance company covered the cost of our stay away from home for two weeks (which was enough to for us to head to FL and get out of the winter weather).  They also paid for movers and a storage unit for us to move our furniture and belongings out of the house for that time.  Thank you Geico!


Sometimes a renovation means rest and relaxation!


We literally packed everything up in one day and moved the next.  So, to say things happened quickly was an understatement.  Remember that feeling I had about a quick move?  Yeah, so did I.  We wondered if that meant now was the time to move.  So much so, that after the renovation was finished, we didn’t unpack our boxes for an entire week because we were waiting to see if God would lead us to move.  He didn’t.


Our new water heater! Isn’t she a beaut?
And new floors to boot!


We eventually unpacked, settled back in, and moved on with the day-to-day of life.  Then a couple months later, we began feeling like it might be time again to revisit the topic of the move.  We prayed and asked for a specific sign: If it was time to move, we would put the house on the market and it would sell quickly.  If not, we would stay put.


Well, we spoke to our realtor and asked him to list it.  The first day on the market, we received an offer for $15,000 over our asking price! I can’t make this stuff up.  Needless to say, that meant we were moving—and quickly at that.  The closing process was set to take just three weeks, so we had to tell our friends and family, pack-up, find a place in NC, and execute a move all in that time.  It came as a shock to everyone, including ourselves . . . but not really.


Life often seems to go that way for us. When allowing God to lead, there’s often ups, downs, and lots of waiting.  But when it’s the right time, everything always falls into its perfect place.  As for us, we’re still newbies to NC and learning the lay of the land, but we’re enjoying every step of the way.  Now we just have to get a little bit better at saying “y’all.” 😜

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