A Tale of Two Children: Our Transition to Life with Two

On January 21st, we welcomed our precious baby girl, Elizabeth Ella Grace (or Ella, as we call her), into the world. Life since then has been full of more love, joy, and happiness than ever before! As I mentioned in one of my last posts before the baby, my plan was to take a short break while our family focused on adapting to life with our newest little one. I stayed true to my word and have been intentionally off the grid during our adjustment period, but I’m excited to start sharing again.   That being said, I found that carving out time to focus on our new life together was not only needed, but proved to be a true joy.  As I’m sure many moms out there can attest, the season after giving birth is so unique, spiritually inspiring, and, for me, peaceful—all at the same time.  I felt the same way after giving birth to Micah—reflective and so much closer to God.  This time of quietude and reflection, which is strangely juxtaposed against one of the most sleep-deprived periods of my life, has, interestingly enough, given me new perspective and has left me feeling recharged.

Elizabeth Ella Grace

As for me personally, my postpartum recovery has been going amazingly well!  You can read about my birth story here, but suffice it to say, I felt so good after giving birth, that I was ready to leave the hospital the very next morning!   Since then, things have, thankfully, continued to go well.

My recovery isn’t the only sunny spot.  Our transition to life with two kids has been going better than we thought possible.  When we made the leap from just DJ and I to being a family of three, I remember feeling overwhelmed and not having a clear sense of what my role/day-to-day happenings would look like as a mother.  If it weren’t for my mother and mother-in-law coming to help, I would have done nothing more than sit and stare at Micah like a deer in headlights for most of the day (if I wasn’t feeding him that is).  This time around, both moms were unable to stay as long as they did in the past, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to cope as well with our transition from three to four.  Strangely enough though, we didn’t miss a beat! As soon as they left, I found myself in “go mode,” and somehow I’ve been able to get most of the tasks done that I set out to do in any given day (which is much more than I can say for when Micah was born).  

All of this wouldn’t be possible, however, without my awesome husband, who is such a team player and has stepped in with everything from cleaning, cooking, and just about everything else, including breastfeeding (It’s amazing how we’ve managed to make this a two-person sport 😂).  He has even been consistent in setting up amazing date nights amidst the craziness of this time in life.  I owe so much of sanity to this man!

Out for a post-baby, pre-COVID date night! Date nights are mostly on our couch these days 😂

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mr. Micah, who has been such an AWESOME big brother and has stepped into his role with grace and maturity.  He loves his sister, showers her with kisses and hugs, and is more than willing to help in any way possible, including motivating her during tummy time.

Tummy time motivation!

All-in-all, this life change has gone way better than expected and I’m so blessed to be surrounded by the amazing people who have made that possible.  Moreover, I’m grateful to be blogging again and can’t wait to share what happens next.  Stay tuned!

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