A Day in the Life

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written an update on what our day-to-day looks like, so, I figured with this post, I’d do exactly that!  Since having Ella, things have obviously changed some, so here’s a little bit of what we’re up to now.

We start everyday at exactly 7 AM– but that’s not because Ella wakes up at that time.  She actually wakes up a bit before, but she’s usually content just talking to herself, so we let her be until then.  Once the clock strikes seven, my job is to feed her, then I hand her off to DJ, so I can pump, spend some time with God, workout, and shower before beginning the day.  Doing this is so crucial to helping me start off on the right foot.  It centers me spiritually and mentally, and working out really energizes me.  I wasn’t a huge workout buff before, but recently I’ve realized how important it is, and not surprisingly, I’ve been super motivated to get my pre-pregnancy body back (Read about my wake-up call to the importance of exercise here).

Morning workouts with @heatherrobertsoncom. Great workouts, chill music, good vibes 🙂

Tucking in the blanket

Next, while Ella is taking her first nap of the morning, I wake Micah up, we say a prayer, talk about the day’s events on his calendar, and he makes his bed.  After which, we head downstairs for breakfast, where we usually talk about dump trucks or something construction-related (the joys of being a mom to a 2-year-old boy 😂).  Then, we spend time with God together as a family, and brush our teeth, change our clothes, and get ready for the day! Micah and I have silly songs we sing and games we play while we brush our teeth.  It keeps even the monotonous things of the day interesting, which is certainly needed now more than ever!

My breakfast buddy! (And yes…this two-year-old starts his day with a cup of tea lol)

Learning about what floats and what sinks

Now, what happens next is entirely dependent on either what we have going on that day or the weather.  We may at this point, pick a few books to read, walk outside or go to the park, or do our “school work.”  Now, of course, Micah is only 2, so the most important part of his day is play, which he spends much of his time doing.  However, I do try to make sure we have about 15-20 minutes of intentional time to focus on a new concept.  Right now, our big focus is letter recognition and pre-writing skills.  He’s already gotten colors, shapes, and counting down-packed.  I’ll share more details about this in a later post.

Time to eat!

After this, it’s time to feed Ella and let the kiddos play together for a bit.  This age is so fun because they can meaningfully interact with each other.  Micah loves making his sister laugh, and it’s the cutest thing! Once, Ella goes back to sleep, I get lunch ready, while Micah plays nearby.  And after lunch, Micah plays a bit more, then heads to bed for a nap. I then get to enjoy my “Golden Hour,” as I call it. This is the time of the day, when both kids are asleep, and I get to accomplish whatever I need to do without interruption.  This is one of the benefits we’ve enjoyed from setting a sleep schedule for the kiddos.  So far, we’ve always been able to ensure that both kids are asleep at the same time at some point during the day .

Can you feel the love?

Then the evening is a combination of snacks, baby feedings, play or outdoor time, dinner, and then playtime with Dad.  We do the kids’ bedtime routine, then DJ and I tackle the major cleanup that needs to be done, and relax for a while I pump (Seems like I’m never off duty 😂).  And finally, it’s off to bed for us too.

As you can see, there’s never a dull moment, and it seems like the days often run into each other.  Between the busyness of the day-to-day and the recent lockdowns, it’s no wonder I feel completely blindsided by the fact that the year is more than halfway through! 

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about how we spend our days.  I’d love to hear about how you do it with your little one(s).  Feel free to share below!

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    1. Thanks so much! For us, sleep training was the key to being able to set a good day time schedule. With regular sleep, comes consistent awake times that you can plan for and subsequently organize. And the key to good sleep is full feedings and consistency. Everything is connected. If you have questions about the specific sleep training method(s) we used, feel free to get in touch and I can share in more detail!

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