Micah Broke His Leg!

All I heard was his blood-curdling scream.  I sprinted out of the car, where I was resting, over to where DJ and my mom were standing.


“What happened?!” I asked DJ as he held a very distressed Micah in his arms.


“He’s fine,” DJ replied, in an attempt to keep everyone calm.


But I could see Micah wasn’t fine.


For those who know him, he usually is a pretty easy-going toddler.  So, for him to cry and scream like that, I knew something was wrong.


I asked again.  “What happened?”


My mom recounted the story: “I was going down the slide with him on my lap because I felt sorry for him.  He was wearing shorts and kept getting stuck because of it.  As I was going down the slide, his leg got caught between the slide and the outside of my leg.”


Essentially, gravity kept pulling them downward as friction held Micah’s leg back, causing it to twist awkwardly.


I quickly examined him, and we could easily see that he was protecting the injured leg.  He wouldn’t walk on it, and cried whenever we touched it.  I began to fear the worst.


When we got to the ER, x-rays confirmed my fears.  His leg was broken and so were our hearts–my mom’s especially.  She cried on the way to the hospital, while we were there, and on the way back.  I guess the mom guilt never ends, lol.  Meanwhile, aside from his initial reaction, Micah was laughing and dancing (with his arms only 😂) the entire time.


A temporary cast was placed in the ER, and a hard one was placed at the orthopedist’s office soon after.


Micah in his freshly minted cast. His face tells how he felt about it lol


Being the cautious character he tends to be, Micah initially had a lot of difficulty getting around with the cast because he refused to walk on it.  He would literally sit in the same spot all day, and we could tell he was frustrated because of it.


Trying to figure out this cast thing


With some encouragement from DJ and myself though, he eventually became increasingly mobile until he could walk on that leg entirely by himself.


Finally walking (that’s a sock over his cast)!


And as it goes, just when he was getting the hang of it, our scheduled vacation to Jamaica was right around the corner.  We were worried because we knew he couldn’t get his cast wet, but we wanted him to be able to swim and enjoy the ocean while we were there.


We prayed the orthopedist would allow him to be placed in a boot, so he could go in and out of the water at his leisure.  And sure enough, the doctor did just that! God cares about the small things too 😉.  Micah was able to enjoy his vacation, boot and all, and his parents could not have been happier.

Enjoying Jamaica, boot and all!


Four weeks after the initial fright, Micah was cleared to go boot-free, and he hasn’t looked back since.  His parents though, are still slightly paranoid, and cringe whenever he gets on a slide 😜.


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