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From counting heartbeats to counting tiny fingers and toes, I went from the world of doctoring to mommyhood, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’m so excited to share my journey with you. This blog is simply a compilation of stories that makeup my own. Here, you’ll find stories about my day-to-day as a SAHM (stay-at-home mom), my journey through the world of medicine, stories about love and marriage, and some of my musings on life, mommyhood, and medicine. I hope you’ll enjoy and stay a while! New posts launch every Monday at 10 AM ET.

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From Dr. Wife to Mrs. Mom

I recently quit my job…and by job, I mean residency.  As those in the field can attest, this isn’t something that happens often.  Once you start, it’s expected that you’ll finish, regardless of how difficult things get, and no matter the sacrifice.  Forums on the topic often advise residents considering the thought to “forget about […]

Turning Down $8 Million Dollars

If you read my post titled “Why My Husband Turned Down a $300,000-A-Year Job,” after seeing this week’s title, you might think we’re into the practice of habitually turning down money 😂. Or at the very least, that we might be a little bit off our rockers. Well, I can assure you neither is true, […]

Moving Day

For those who have been following along, you may remember my blog post “Our Weekend Trip to North Carolina,” where I spoke about our love for North Carolina and desire to move there, but knowing that at that moment, it wasn’t the right time.  I can’t explain how or why we got to the point […]

Journey to a Healthy Home: How I’m Getting Rid of Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Household Items

Being raised a vegetarian, I’ve long been aware of the importance of what we put into our bodies.  As a society, we’re often educated about the importance of eating balanced meals, limiting refined sugars, and cutting back on processed foods.   But what about what we put onto our bodies?  It’s easy to forget that our […]

Micah was Sick on Thanksgiving!

Two weeks ago, I spoke about my excitement in being able to share with everyone again, and then I went silent one week later.  So, I just wanted to take some time to update you on what’s been happening.   Last week Sunday, Micah came down with his first cold 😢!  As usual, I took […]

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