Our Anniversary Weekend Getaway

I sat in the passenger’s seat of the car, bawling and completely unable to get a word out.  I was amazed at what had just happened.  DJ sat there in the driver’s seat, with tears streaming down his face.


“I’m so grateful for you. You’re my wife, my best friend, my spiritual partner, the mother of our children. I love you so much.”


We had come upon our 4-year wedding anniversary a couple of weekends ago, and we went to Asheville, NC to celebrate.  If you’re unfamiliar with the area, Asheville is in the mountains and known for its autumn colors.  To say the area is stunning, would be a vast understatement.  You truly feel closer to God there.  Needless to say, it was the perfect backdrop for our weekend getaway.


Being the romantic that he is, I had no idea what our trip entailed.  Turns out, the first part of our trip involved walking in the mountains, taking in all the views, and just talking and dreaming together.  That day, the sky was crystal clear and the sun could not have been shining any brighter.  After our walk, he took me back to our car, and parked it in a location that overlooked the extraordinary views.  He first handed me lunch from one of my favorite restaurants (Hey a pregnant woman’s gotta eat 😜).  Then, he gave me a notebook with the words “Simply Grateful” written on the cover.

The great outdoors! (Pictures do not do it justice!)

He went on to say how grateful he was for our journey together, all the ups and downs, and most importantly, for everything God has blessed us with.  He then explained that the notebook would be part of a yearly anniversary tradition where we can write down everything that we’re grateful for in that year of marriage.  That’s when the aforementioned waterworks began.


Needless to say, that weekend, and his daily, never-ending acts of kindness constantly humble me and make me so appreciative of the man he is.   I truly do not deserve him, and I’m so grateful that God saw fit to put us together.


After some time getting ourselves together, we moved on to the next part of our weekend—touring the Biltmore Estate, the largest mansion in the United States—except, we didn’t.  We were late for our tour, and it was the last one for the day.  Although we were disappointed, we got to look around at some of the outside, and we figured the moment we shared earlier was a good enough reason to miss it.


After going back to the hotel to regroup and freshen up, we headed out for dinner that evening at an amazing farm-to-table bistro, called “The Corner Kitchen.” The next morning, was graced with more amazing food at a brunch spot by the name of “Sunny Point Café”. We then headed home to relieve my mom of baby-sitting duty.

Out to dinner!

All-in-all, our weekend getaway was small, and certainly not extravagant by any means.  However, my husband’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail in planning meant more to me than any trip around the world ever could.  I’m so grateful for his love and for the way in which he loves me.  We look forward to many many more years together and a lifetime of love, joy, and growth together.


And yes, I did spend this entire post gushing about my husband 😜.  For more gushing about this awesome man, check out the blog post called “The Dad Effect.”




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