We’re Pregnant and We’re Having a Girl!

You may or may not remember the post I wrote a while back about my itch to have another baby (“Time For Another Baby???”).  At that time, I was mosquito-bite itchy and my husband was not—in any way, shape, or form 😜.  Well, fast forward a few months, and we both started to realize that it was probably about time to give it another go, since Micah was 18 months, and would be 2 years-old by the time the second baby came.  We decided we would start trying in the year 2019, maybe somewhere around the months of June or July.  Then life happened 😂.


In March of this year, we were gifted with an opportunity to go to an awesome marriage retreat called “A Weekend to Remember.” (If you’re looking for the chance to invest in your marriage, I’d highly recommend it.  They have events all around the country, and likely in a city near you.) Well, let’s just say, it certainly lived up to its name.  It was indeed a weekend to remember.  It’s funny what a little rekindling of the flame can do 😜.  Needless to say, shortly after, I found out I was pregnant.


Enjoying our “Weekend to Remember”!


Compared to my last pregnancy, I would say this one has been pretty similar.  For those who read my blog post “Big Belly, Big House pt. 2”, you know that when I was pregnant with Micah, I had tons of nausea, lasting well into the second trimester.  This time around, I’m more adept at handling it, but it still seems to be unending.  I’m halfway through my second trimester and still needing to take anti-nausea medication.   I’m holding onto hope, though, that it’ll be over soon.


The biggest difference between the two pregnancies, however, is that we’re having a girl this time around!


Our baby girl!


For some reason, I was suspicious early on in the pregnancy that it might be a girl, and our entire family thought the same.  Turns out they were right.  When we had the ultrasound to find out the gender, my husband, who was deep down casting his vote for a boy, had pretty much the same reaction he had when he found out we were pregnant again.  See picture below 😂.


Although things will obviously be different in many respects because we’re having a girl, I imagine many things will also be the same.  That doesn’t change the fact, however, that I am freaking out just a little bit inside. For mamas with a boy and a girl, any advice? For mamas with two kiddos in general, any thoughts on managing the daily craziness?


It’s a new chapter, and we’re so excited to see what’s in store!


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9 thoughts on “We’re Pregnant and We’re Having a Girl!

  1. I have four daughters and two sons. They are all amazing! Girls and moms have such special relationships. The old adage seems to hold true: A son is a son ‘til he takes him a wife, a daughter’s a daughter all of her life. Congratulations on such a special gift!

    1. I don’t know what I’ve heard that one before! But from those who have gone before me, they tell me there’s a lot to look forward to with a daughter. I can’t wait to enjoy her. And all the best to you and all your kiddos 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the advice! I will definitely need it lol…I look forward to having Micah as a big brother and helper. He already has such a caring spirit, so by God’s grace it will all go smoothly. My “mom worries” sometimes gets the better of me. And thank you so much for following along. I admire your strength in making the decision to stay home with your little ones as well.

  3. Congratulations to you all! How exciting! My daughter and oldest son are just two years apart and I can’t even begin to tell you where all the energy came from, Lol. I do remember that early on, I somewhat decided to get on their schedule. I ate when they ate. Napped when they napped. I had to reorganize a single diaper bag to accommodate a toddler and an infant, so all that over packing we did with the first kid?…..no room for that, Lol.

    They are now 21 and 19. My daughter is still an awesome big sister as I’m sure Micah will shine in the big brother department. Fun times ahead!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice! Not over-packing the diaper bag is a good one. I struggle in that department lol. I do look forward to all the fun times to come though 🙂

  4. Congratulations! 🙂 Your blog is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. I’m also a mom in residency who is currently contemplating resigning for similar reasons. The only thing holding me back at the moment is my student loan debt, which is pretty overwhelming to even think about! How did you plan for that? Is there a specific payment plan you’d recommend? Has it been manageable so far with a single income? Any advice on this aspect of going from physician to SAHM would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Thanks so much for following along! And I hear you loud and clear on that student loan debt. It truly is no joke. We have certainly had to make lots of sacrifices and do lots of downsizing/changing our lifestyle to be able to make things work. We had an investment property we had to sell, we downsized to just one car, we do only at-home date nights, no luxuries like shopping, or getting my hair/nails done. I also learned to cut my son’s and husband’s hair, just to name a few of the things we’ve done. That being said, even with our best efforts, it wouldn’t be possible without God’s provision. Sometimes I’m in awe of how things have worked out. As for my loans, I’m currently deferring, so unfortunately I don’t have much advice on that one, but if home is where you’re called to be, I have no doubts it’ll work out. I’ll be praying for you as you decide!

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