We Moved to North Carolina and The Feds Seized Our Money!

What’s wrong?” I asked.  I looked at my husband as he sat on the floor of our closet, surrounded by clothes and shoes.  I had just run upstairs to check on him since I hadn’t heard from him in a while.  Micah was downstairs eating his dinner. He looked at me with a strange look in his eyes.


“The title company that was responsible for sending us our closing check from the sale of the house is under federal investigation.  Someone at the company has been stealing money, so all of their accounts have been frozen and seized.”


He continued.


“The lawyer, near tears, just called me, and said she doesn’t know if we’ll get our money.


I was stunned, but somehow not worried.


So, to provide some background, I should mention that we sold our house in Illinois and moved to North Carolina a few months ago.  (This is no small detail, I know.  Don’t worry, the full story will be in posts to come!). For those of you who have done long-distance moves, you know they do not come cheap.  Especially when using movers and packing up a 3-bedroom house for a growing family (more to come on that too! 😉) Needless to say, we were pretty much financially spent when we got this phone call.  It had been almost three weeks since we closed on the house, our next paycheck had not yet come, and frankly, we needed the money.


Moving day! I can’t believe how quickly everything happened. Stay tuned for more!


“This is a test,” I responded.


God’s going to have to figure this one out.


By this time, Micah was finished with his dinner.  I went downstairs to get him, and all three of us knelt to pray.  Afterward, we stood up, feeling like a weight was lifted (I’m sure Micah felt it too 😂), and went on to enjoy the rest of our evening together.


The next morning, we contacted the title company to see if there was anything we could do.  There was, in fact, a glimmer of hope.  It turns out, not everyone at the company was involved in shady business.  One of the employees was desperately trying to help us.  She told us they typically don’t wire money, but given the circumstances, she would see what she could do.  We thanked her, hung up the phone, and waited.  She called us about thirty minutes later and told us to check our bank account.


It worked!


The money cleared in our account!  We were elated, so we knelt to say a prayer of thanks.  Not everyone who had accounts with them were as fortunate, so we prayed for them too.


I can’t say why things worked out the way they did, but we certainly learned a huge lesson in trusting God.  In fact, we’ve been learning that lesson for the past few months.  So much has happened recently, and I’m excited to share what our family has been up to!  So, stay tuned!


I’ve been enjoying life with these two cuties ❤️. And yes, that’s Micah on a bike 😱


In the meantime, check out my last pre-hiatus blog post, “New Things and Impossible Dreams.”


I’ll be sharing some big news next week, and a little refresher might be helpful!



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