Micah was Sick on Thanksgiving!

Two weeks ago, I spoke about my excitement in being able to share with everyone again, and then I went silent one week later.  So, I just wanted to take some time to update you on what’s been happening.


Last week Sunday, Micah came down with his first cold 😢!  As usual, I took it way harder than he did.  I don’t think he even knew he was sick. Between the fevers, coughing, sneezing, and congestion, he smiled, played, and laughed through it all.  He did have some trouble at night however, because of the coughing.  And in spite of having less sleep than usual, he kept going like a champ.  The same can’t be said of DJ and I unfortunately 😜.


We’ve actually been traveling since the Thursday before Thanksgiving (well…kind of…), which made dealing with Micah’s cold a little bit more difficult (although still manageable nonetheless).  That Thursday, we were actually scheduled to head out to New Jersey for our cousin’s wedding.  The northeast was hit with a not-so-big snowstorm, but it somehow caused a ton of cancelled flights, ours included.  Thankfully, we hadn’t left home yet when we learned it was cancelled, so we were able to rebook our flight.  However, it was scheduled for two days later! Since we had already packed and cleaned out the refrigerator in preparation for our trip, we spent the next two days living like nomads and scavengers in our own home lol.  Finally, when Saturday rolled around, it was off to NJ for a beautiful wedding.  As always, it was great seeing family we hadn’t seen in a while, and most importantly, we got to witness the union of a lovely couple.


Wedding time!


After the wedding, it was down to Maryland to spend time with my parents for Thanksgiving.  Micah did great with the road trip and slept the entire way.  The combination of being tired from poor sleep because of his cold, and a long comfortable car ride, was enough to knock him out completely.  As for Thanksgiving, it was a little bit more intimate this year– just my parents, my mom’s brother’s family, and my closest friend, but I’m so grateful for the time we were able to spend together.


Sleep deprived, but full!

And although thankfulness is something we should practice daily, I had the opportunity to reflect a bit on things that I’m particularly grateful for this year.  Lately, because it’s been about one year since making the decision to stay home, I’ve found myself especially grateful for the change of pace in my life (Read about my reflections here).  I’m so thankful that I now have the ability to do things like go to weddings and visit family for holidays.  If I was still in residency, these things would likely not have been possible.  Secondly, I’m truly grateful for the love and closeness I’ve seen flourish in our home since making that decision.  Having the time to be truly intentional in investing in my family is one of those intangible things that may seem small now, but will have a lasting impact.  And lastly, I’m grateful for my extended family, my mother in particular.  In addition to cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, she made sure Micah had his own mini Thanksgiving dinner made without salt, added sugar, and with organic ingredients.  She also cooked for him (and us) the entire time we were there, and washed, folded, and packed our clothes before we left!  Superwoman has nothing on her! We are truly blessed (and spoiled)!


As for Micah, he’s getting better day by day, and is sleeping through the night again (as are we)!


So, that’s what we’ve been up to.  Our travels aren’t over just yet.  We’ll be headed back to New Jersey and then on to Chicago later this week, so keep us in your prayers as we travel.  I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome as well.  I’d love to hear about it below!

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