Our Anniversary Trip to Cabo!

For the past two weeks, I haven’t written and I apologize! Hubby and I were celebrating our anniversary, and it took some time to recover.  That being said, I’m excited to tell you all about it! DJ and I recently came upon three years of marriage and nine years of being together.  My sweet mama was kind enough to gift us with a trip, so we could have some time away together–just the two of us.


It’s actually kind of funny how that even happened.  One day, out of nowhere, she texted me and said, “If you and DJ could go anywhere in the world, where would that be?”  The day before, hubby and I were just speaking about how awesome it would be to learn how to make pasta in Italy, so I responded “Italy.”  A little while later, she replied and said, “Okay… pick somewhere else lol”.  I guess the Italian price tag was a little too steep 😜.  After speaking with our travel agent, we realized we could get the most bang for our buck in Mexico, so Cabo San Jose it was!  And it was amazing!


We began the week, by dropping Micah off with my mom.  For those of you have been following along, you know we were a bit apprehensive about being away from him for so long (Read about it here).  Needless to say, we had nothing to worry about.  Turns out, he was on a vacation of his own.  While we were away, my mom took him to the zoo, the Crayola factory, and much more!


Micah on vacation!


For the entirety of that week, hubby and I focused entirely on resting, relaxation, and recuperation.  Heavy, on the resting part.  Our first night there, we slept for 12 hours! What can I say?  We’re parents of a one-year-old.  Other than getting some much needed sleep, we had lots of fun!  We went zip-lining, jet skiing, sailing, hung out by the pool, went to the beach,  and literally ate a three-course meal three times a day (thank God for all-inclusive resorts)!



Most importantly, however, we spent time connecting.  Every night at dinner, we discussed one of these questions: “What are three things you love about the other person?”, “What are three of your favorite memories from our first three years of marriage?”, “Regarding our marriage, what are three of your hopes for the future?”, “What are three things you would like to improve about our marriage?”, and “What are three things you would like to see improved in the other person?”.  Having these discussions allowed us to check-in and really get an idea of what the other person is thinking, which is so important.  One of the biggest realizations we had, was that since I decided to stay home, there has been so much more love, joy, and peace in our home.  We can only thank God for that!



All-in-all, it was an absolutely amazing trip, and we realized it’s something we should try to do at least once a year.  The importance of self care cannot be overstated.


Of course, we were itching to get back to Micah, assuming he had obviously missed us lol.  When we saw him for the first time, he kind of stared at us for a second, then went back to playing with his Mimi (grandma).  It’s good to know we were missed 😂.


Now fully rested and connected, we can’t wait to see what this next year of marriage has to bring!

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