10 Thoughts I Had Before and After Becoming a Mom

Last week, I shared my thoughts on what life was like for me as a working doctor and what it has been like as a stay-at-home mom.  This week, I decided to continue comparing and contrasting, but this time around, for what life was like before I became a mom and afterward.  Enjoy!


Before Becoming a Mom

After Becoming A Mom

1.  After seeing the 20-mph speed limit while driving through a school zone: “No cops? No kids? 45 it is!” 1.  After watching some young kid speed through a school zone: “Is he crazy?!?! Think about the children!!!”
2.  While at the mall, and a group of 13 to 15-year-olds are loitering and playing music loudly: “Where are their parents??” 2.  While at the mall, and a group of 13 to 15-year-olds are loitering and playing music loudly: “Where are their parents?? “(Some things never change)
3.  Installing blinds: “Those orange warning stickers are so hideous. Why do they always put them on here?” 3.  Installing blinds: “Why do they even make these things??? Blinds are so dangerous!!”
4.  Breastfeeding in Public: “I don’t think I would ever do that.  At the very least, I’d put on a cover while nursing.” 4.  While sitting on a plane, next to an absolute stranger, while breastfeeding completely uncovered: “Oh well!”
5.  On flying with a screaming child: “When I have kids, I’m just going to give them Benadryl before every flight.” 5.  On flying with a screaming child: “People should have more compassion for babies crying on a flight.  Their little ears hurt!”
6.  Music in College: Singing along loudly with “Chopped and Screwed” 6.  Hears current mainstream music overhead in a department store: “What is this noise they call music? Children actually listen to this?”
7.  Regarding Family Planning: “I want a huge family one day . . . maybe 5 kids or so.” 7.  After my first pregnancy: “Why has the human population not gone extinct yet?? People willingly do this to themselves??”
8.  Regarding labor plan: “When I have a baby, I’m definitely using an epidural. No questions asked.  Who would want to go through all that pain?” 8.  Regarding labor plan: “I want my birth to be as natural as possible. No epidural, no medications, no nothing.”
9.  Regarding 1st Birthday Parties: “Why do moms throw these extravagant parties for babies who have no idea what’s happening?” 9.  While planning my son’s 1st birthday party: “Micah would love a pony ride!”
10.  On when to have children: “I don’t know when I’ll have kids. I need to finish residency first, then get a job, and then become settled before I even think about that. 10.  After throwing up nonstop during my last few months of medical school, waddling through rotations in residency as a pregnant woman, and finally deciding to resign so I could stay home with my bundle of joy: “He couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.”


Overall, before becoming a mom, I think I was more than a little ignorant to all the hard work, love, and care a mother invests into her children.  I only began to appreciate the sacrifices my mother made for me when I became one myself.  That being said, now that I am a mom, at times, I tend to be a bit of a mama bear and sometimes over the top, but thankfully, my husband is there to reel me back in, every step of the way.  Most of all, however, I’m just so grateful our little Micah is here.  His birth resulted in me making a lot of life changes, namely, resigning from my career as a physician; but I believe he is more than worth it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the mamas out there, what were some of the things you thought before you became a mom, and how are they different now?

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4 thoughts on “10 Thoughts I Had Before and After Becoming a Mom

  1. Before kids: my kids will always sit quietly at church

    Now: I bring a special Sabbath bag with coloring supplies and animals. Oh and well thanks everyone for being understanding of my kids cry during the sermon. At least we are here 🙂

  2. Before: Kids don’t need to be spanked. They should be spoken to and reasoned with. I will will never spank my kids

    Now: I dare not say! Lol

    Before: Those kids have no home training. What are those parents doing?! My kids will not be like that, they will always listen and be obedient. I’m going to raise them right.

    Now: It doesn’t matter how good you raise your kids they are individuals and they make their own foolish decisions.

    1. I literally laughed out loud! lol! I have said both of those things, so I’m worried about what’s to come lol!

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